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Whether you’re into pastel painting or want to see what our watercolor artists can do, getting started or just want to refresh your memory and try something new, visit this page often to discover the latest approaches to value and shape, color and composition and get a glimpse of all the art lessons you can learn with Artists Check back every week to find the " target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer"latest video streaming on Artists The move triggered the country's first democratic elections since World War II, ushering Walesa into the presidency a year later.But Right-wing politicians like Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the powerful leader of the governing Law and Justice (Pi S) party, have long argued that Walesa was a regime spy and a puppet whom communists used as a political fig-leaf while they held on to key military and economic sectors.'In light of Walesa's complete disgrace, Lech Kaczynski will become the symbolic patron of the Solidarity movement,' Kaczynski is quoted as having said in 2010, after his brother died in a jet crash in Russia.Artists can view online seminars in every medium and technique imaginable or learn about art supplies with these online events.Abortion rights advocates and feminist activists (clockwise from top left) Aleksandra Solik, Zofia Marcinek, Bozena Przyluska, Izabela Maksymowicz, Martyna Edyta and Katarzyna Bogusz-Przybylska.

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The European Council President, who was the country's Prime Minister until 2014, said he 'understands' the concerns of Poles who are fearful about the direction their country is taking.

President Andrzej Duda and his Law and Justice party have been accused of undermining democracy as they exert growing control over state media, and attempt to seize power from the judiciary.

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    By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman UNITED KINGDOM, November 13, 2008 (Life Site - The Hungarian Parliament has passed legislation prohibiting "degrading or intimidating behavior" towards homosexuals, according to the homosexualist news website Pinknews, which is based in the United Kingdom.