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All kidding aside…a down-home kinda guy who knows his whisky and does his best at warehousing as much as he can slip by his wife. The Monster provides some glorious insight into spectacular whiskies not often reviewed out there. Maltmonster’s tasting notes, features and conclusions are my personal favorite aspect of the ATW site.

To all who have been, or will be, part of The Collective…slainte! I’m the guy who writes the scored reviews here, and excepting Maltmonster’s brilliant pieces and occasional news blurbs…nearly all other content as well.Apologies for occasional lapses or periods of quiet. More importantly…a good friend with a wicked sense of humor and a great mind, who never ceases to boggle me with stunning insight and the ability to draw tenuous connections between the most abstract of situations and concepts.Balancing ATW with a day job and family life ain’t always easy. This beast prefers to lurk in relative obscurity, all the while feeding the conspiracy theorists juicy tidbits and red herrings.Geriatric topics are incorporated into the required curriculum in pharmacy schools, many schools offer an elective in geriatrics, and most colleges also offer rotations in geriatric care settings such as long-term care and geriatric clinics.There is also a certification in geriatric pharmacy through the Commission for Certification in Geriatric Pharmacy and opportunities to perform specialty residencies in geriatrics.

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