Updating primary key sql silver fox dating uk

First you need to change the name of the table it is updating (INFA uses the name of the target transform) and also modify the columns being updated to suit your requirment.Another approach is to read the target, getting the row to be changed, pass the PK data to a path to delete the row and have another path that updates the data and inserts a new row.The problem here is that even an update of a primary to the same value, is still an update to the primary key – which means increased locking for any child tables.It means a pretty careful review of any foreign keys, and associated foreign key indexes.

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And you also have to really ask the question – who or what is updating a primary key ?

I'm not sure what you mean by updating the primary key, but here's a guess at a solution.

2) "conditional update" The instead-of trigger checks to see if the PK columns are being altered, and only includes them if appropriate Nothing crashed – but we totally corrupted the child table.

This last example is actually also contained in the standard Oracle docs.

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