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Add the rituals of dating, and life can become pretty hectic.

Sometimes a friendship can turn into something more than you thought it was going to be.

Despite what its name implies, Teen Dating 17 100 is a dangerous digital space for an adult to find themselves, let alone a child or a teen.

This group is just one of the popular communities of “Teen Dating” networks that are on Facebook, and parents need to take notice.

SINGAPORE: In her Tinder profile photo, "Rachel" sticks her tongue out playfully at the camera, and has a floral wreath digitally superimposed atop her long, wavy hair. A click on the photo reveals the truth - in her Tinder bio, Rachel states she is just 14.A check of the popular US-based dating app shows she is not alone.Using the profile of a 21-year-old male, Channel News Asia saw more than 30 profiles of girls in Singapore who wrote that they were below 18 in their biographies, even though their official profile age was above that. Many of them revealed the schools they attend, and some had profile photos of themselves dressed in school uniforms.In this column, I will discuss the Skout situation as an example of the potential dangers of adults’ entering teen-only realms and masquerading as teens.While such sites need to exercise vigilance—as Skout apparently did—they may also need to cooperate more actively with law enforcement in order to prevent such activity from occurring.

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