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Bird’s anguish at the death of her beloved stepfather Dennis Burden could be felt through the computer screen as the always-in-control Bird recalled that at halftime of her first WNBA game following Burden’s death she hit the point of emotional overload. “It was as if all the emotion — everything that I had put to the side for that month — just hit me in one moment.My battery was on empty.” For the countless number of questions she has answered over the last 20 years, she has managed to keep the questioners and those outside of her inner circle at arm’s length. “It’s happening when it’s happening because that’s what feels right.Whatever role you played in 2012 didn't necessarily mean you will play that role now."The U. has won 41 consecutive Olympic contests dating back to the bronze medal game in 1992.Taurasi, Bird and Catchings were all part of the gold medal teams in 2004, 20.Since fall is abuzz with sports, we’re all about the athletes. Kim Hoffman: I don’t watch sports, so I’m going to be that girl who admits she doesn’t have a favorite athlete.If I look back at my all-time sports obsessions though it lands only in two spots: 1993 Chicago Bulls and the women’s gymnastics team (“magnificent seven”) at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.“I’ll have a talk about it with coach, but, for right now, I’m settled with four, and I feel good about it.” Taurasi will be 38 years old in 2020. When it comes to USA Basketball it’s such a coveted position that we all work for, you only want to be in that position if you’re at the top of your game. It’s not a yes or a no.” If there is any concern about the future of the U. women, winners of 49 straight Olympic games dating to 1992 (48 by double digits), it’s the unknown of who will succeed Bird as the primary point guard.Staley, who passed that torch to Bird in 2004, shrugged off any roster concerns so early into her tenure and the Olympic cycle.

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They feel like they can do something that's unique for the team."The ones that won gold medals in the world championship and the Olympics, they are invaluable and yet everyone's role changes every year.My childhood heroes were often a mix of men and women who played hockey, baseball, soccer, and every other sport under the sun.It’s nearly impossible to pick a favorite from among those legendary characters who are forever tinged by the childhood wonder they inspired through being incredible athletes, kind teachers on the ice, and stars who signed my program or T-shirt.Neither Taurasi nor Bird has announced whether she will try for Tokyo 2020.Bird said before Rio that it would likely be her last Olympics.

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