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Robert Snyder, a professor of American Studies at the University of South Florida, credits the chair's longevity to "a kind of frontier, eye-for-an-eye mentality in Florida." Its staying power, he says, "is a testament to people who want to protect old ways." The electric chair was born in the 1880s, an outgrowth of a marketing battle between electricity titans George Westinghouse and Thomas Edison.It had an odd coterie of pro- and anti-death-penalty supporters who saw it as a quick, more humane alternative to public hangings.The second major donation of items came from private collector Adrian H.

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"It seemed like magic." But there was no magic when New York became the first state to use the chair, putting William Kemmler to death on Aug. Witnesses said the convicted wife-killer smoked and bled, and they reported smelling charred flesh.My singing is strong and I am a mezzo-soprano skilled in both Musical Theatre and Pop styles.I am a confident presenter and and am comfortable working from script/auto-cue or improvising.This little fellow is an electric cigarette lighter from the 1920's.He is made of cast iron and wears a ribbon around his neck.

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