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Members of the premier's ruling center-right PDL party branded the protests as a radical, politically motivated act by the opposition, but political party flags were noticeably absent from most rallies.Prosecutors filed a request on Wednesday to bring Berlusconi to trial, accusing him of paying for sex with a nightclub dancer known by her stage name "Ruby" when she was under 18, which is illegal in Italy."I voted for him in the past, but I am really disappointed.I hope things will change," said former Berlusconi voter Pina.

The protests in more than 200 towns in Italy and even some cities abroad reflect growing anger among women at the prostitution scandal that has engulfed the premier, who has long counted conservative women among his key voters.

The 74-year old billionaire premier has dismissed the accusations as "disgusting and disgraceful." He says he has done nothing illegal and that he is the target of those who wanted to carry out a political "coup by moralists." Leaked wiretaps from the investigation have been splashed over newspapers for weeks with references to bundles of cash, talk of sex games and gifts that would-be starlets received after attending parties at the media mogul's villa.

"I love my boyfriend for free," read one banner in Rome, where crowds of women of all ages packed into a central square flanked by husbands, brothers and male friends. I do not believe in his values, his behavior and the way he treats women.

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