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Internet freedom in the Philippines has been gradually declining since the country was first evaluated in 2012.

The market cheered the ruling on Wednesday, with Jolliville share prices surging 12.01 percent to close at 6.90 pesos (13.6 US cents).

Shay Cullen, Mssc For generations, the rape and sexual abuse of children has been a regular practice of the human species mostly by men but frequently assisted and enabled by women, too. 8353 describes rape as a sexual act with anyone below 12 year of age.

"As the owner of a string of night entertainment establishments such as Pegasus, Discovery, Mega Heartbeat, Lexus, he earned the moniker 'King of Night Entertainment.'" The government agency said there was no reason to prohibit the registration of Jolliville, which later diversified its business into property management and development.

Jollibee had accused Jolliville of unfair competition but the government said there was no evidence the property firm passed off its goods and services to be part of those of the fastfood giant. is great for kids' entertainment," the ruling said.

On a positive note, the Senate approved a Freedom of Information bill in 2014, with its counterpart in the lower chamber awaiting second reading.

"While (Jollibee) was making it big in the food service business so was Mr. Ting in the night entertainment business," the Philippines' patent office said in the decision released this week.

The United Nations in the Convention on the Rights of the Child sets the age of a child at 18 years below. The Anti-Rape Law (RA 8353) in the Philippines, while protective of women and men, is devastating to children.

People can sexually abuse children and claim the child gave consent.

The killing of outspoken internet user Melinda Magsino on April 13, in a targeted shooting reminiscent of the frequent attacks on radio commentators and other media practitioners in the Philippines, caused concern that this situation may be changing for the worse, though police and press freedom groups are still investigating to establish whether her murder was related to her online activities.

Mobile phone subscribers experienced widespread blocking of network coverage in the capital region during the visit of the Catholic Church leader Pope Francis.

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