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But Purdy, who is almost boyish in his bashfulness, hadn't revealed his little crush.

Kaye runs the Pasco County Single Nudists group and planned this singles meet-up, the first such event the organization has hosted in two years.

Attendance tapered off in 2015, and she wanted a break.

From major cities to seaside towns, you’ll be spoilt for choice when you read our top picks!Lets be honest, everyone has been obsessed with watching friends at one point or another, it’s the sitcom of the generation!So wow your date by offering to meet for coffee and then revealing this!They clustered around pool-side tables, snacked on burgers and tacos, sipped cocktails and asked the basic introductory questions: Where are you from? Others sat quietly, observing the chatter around them.In many ways, the gathering reflects the microcosm of circumstances common among any group of older singles: Divorced. Content with solitude, but open to meeting new people. But there seemed to be some distinctions between the nudists and those in what they call the "textile world," where garments are required.

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