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In January, 10 days before Trump’s inauguration, the document was leaked containing allegations Trump has deep financial ties to Russia, his campaign was supported by the Russian government, and the Russians had compromising video of Trump watching prostitutes urinate on that special bed at the Moscow Ritz.

that, when Comey brought the intel to him, he thought, “This is really made-up junk.” That wildest accusation in The Dossier never has been confirmed, Colbert said, because no news outlet has attempted to confirm it, arguing it’s too salacious to even look into.

host Stephen Colbert said he took the trip to investigate the infamous alleged dossier report that President Donald Trump hired prostitutes to pee on the bed at the Moscow Ritz-Carlton Presidential Suite where the Obamas once stayed. There was one man brave enough to go to Moscow and check it out,” Colbert smiled, congratulating himself.

He again credited his showrunner Chris Licht with the idea of the Russian road trip, Colbert having insisted that “no one’s going to be talking about Russia in the summer.” Accommodatingly, the day before the Pee Pee Tape broadcast, Trump gave an interview to in which he focused on The Dossier.

Alps uses a thermal-resin technology that places various-size dots onto the paper using resins with pigments.

نام آذربایجان تغییریافته و یا معرب «آتروپاتکان» (مکان آتروپات) است.

ریشهٔ این نام به سردار پارسیِ هخامنشیان، «آتروپات» و آتروپاتگان برمی‌گردد.

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